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Security and liability are concerns for every business owner. Eliminate risk with Flint Shredders' line of commercial paper shredders and hard drive shredding machines. With a broad range of products we are able to find a shredder that suits the needs of each user.

We take security seriously, our higher end machines produce particles that are all less than 0.8 x 5 mm. That level of paper destruction is enough for the Pentagon to use them. The NSA and international DIN have both evaluated our product line for approved use. Document access is also key to privacy and security, shred documents within your own organization. This simple principal is routinely broken by shredding services that truck documents around town before destroying them.

Shredding service companies turn what should be a one-time purchase into a monthly payment that never ends! Move away from recurring bills by getting a quality shredder that will last. One last thing, our paper shredders are super clean and won't leave a mess.

Government or public agencies should read more about security levels.

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Heavy Duty Paper Shredders

Our products are purpose built with sound engineering, manufacturing and field support. We bring a quality product to the market. Forget paying never-ending monthly bills to shredding service companies and stop buying janky shredders at X Mart. The role of a shredder is important. They are for those who are responsible for keeping clients, customers, patients or company data private and don't want the liability or risk associated with modern day identity theft or financial schemes.

You can look at it from a practical point of view or a financial view: if you have material to shred, getting a quality machine and doing it in-house is the right way. On the high end of our product line you will find heavy duty shredders that are powerful enough to keep with large amounts of documents and materials.

Commercial Paper Shredders

Shredding Bag

Even the most modern office still processes huge amounts of paperwork, often containing private customer or business information. Our commercial paper shredders are suitable for offices of all sizes. Whether you're using a large centralized machine, several smaller distributed machines or just using collecting bins to process later.

There are many small features that add up to a pleasant experience when using Flint Shredders. Functional design and a clever bagging sytem keeps the shredding from getting out and making a mess. In business, maintaining a working environment that is clean and professional is important. A mess of paper on the floor is simply not an option. You can rest assured that while eliminating old files and purging filing cabinets you won't be making any new messes along the way. Bags are easily removed and replaced without much effort from the user.

Keeping interaction intuitive helps the details of the shredding process disappear leaving a streamlined user experience. Shredding should not get in the way and take time away from the daily activities that make your company run.

Office Shredders

indicatorKeeping the area around the machine clean of paper is a core feature of our products. No one wants to see a mess of paper particles sprinkling the floor. The sealed cabinet captures all waste and a special bagging setup makes it easy to remove.

Some of the high end Flint Shredders have an external LED indicator of how full the bag is. This small feature is actually a great little thing that makes a big difference. Often times when the shredder overloads, it's really becuase the bag is full and the shreddings aren't able to exit the blades properly. With a quick glance you can see exactly how full the bag is.

Some models are equipped to destroy common compact disks through the paper slot. Learn more about special applications GO

Intuitive and Straight-forward Operation

buttonLet's be honest, shredding paper shouldn't be a big deal. You stick the paper in and that should be the end of it. Flint Shredders follow that mantra and are engineered to fit seamlessly into activities and allowing you to focus on the work at hand. Other shredders are prone to jamming, are noisy or just can't shred that much paper so you end up spending way too much time feeding sheets in just a few at a time.

After 30 minutes of inactivity the shredder will turn off to conserve power. With a touch of the button the shredder will awake and instantly be ready to process material. As you can see in the photo, there are basically two buttons to operate the shredder. First is an on/off button and then there's a reverse button which will run the shredder in reverse in the event that it detects an overload. You'll also notice small red icons along the black band on the button. Different icons will illuminate to alert the operator to anything that may be preventing the shredder from running. For example you can see that in the photo there is a light indicating that the front door is open.

We also carry machines specifically designed to degauss or mechanically destroy hard drives. Learn more about special applications GO

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