Compact Disks and DVDs have been used by business now for decades to store and archive data of all kinds. These disks, as time goes on, can become a liability if they're not disposed of properly once no longer needed. Just the same as ensure you protect your printed materials from exposure, there should be equal consideration to the destruction and disposal of optical media.

Compact Disk Shredders

OMD Particles

Compact disks are not easily destroyed. Under normal circumstances CDs will survive for as long as 100 years before any data degradation is to be expected. On the security side of things, this presents a problem. Most shredders on the market that can handle shredding disks are capable but not truly up to the task. Our OMD machines are purpose built for the destruction of optical media.

Our optical media destroyers work at a security level O-5 and reduce disks to a particle size no larger than 2.2 mm x 4 mm.

FS0201 OMD Optical Media Destoyer

This machine is the perfect solution for any high volume optical media destruction requirements. The FS0201 OMD is capable of destroying as many as 2,500 disks per hour.

The security specification for optical media is not the same as for paper. However there are specifications directly related to optical media types and the FS0201 OMD destroys material to Security Level 0-5 and reduces disks to particles no larger than 2.2 mm x 4 mm.

For more information regarding US Government specifications for disposal check out the security levels page. Note that the FS0201 OMD has been NSA evaluated and appears on the NSA CSS 04-02 report. International standards are not the same as US NSA standards.


Combination Machines

Combo Machine

Many of our regular paper shredders are also capable of handling compact disks, credit cards and paper clips. Often, organizations who destroy optical media don't have enough volume to justify a dedicated machine. Instead, check out one of our combination machines that will satisfy your needs for optical media destruction as well as handling paper materials.

Combination machines can be easily compared on our pricing list. On the price list you'll see a CD icon next to every machine that is capable of shredding compact disks and DVDs.

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