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Consumer grade products don't meet the duty cycle requirements for most businesses. Larger, office shredders are up to the task will take it on without any headaches. Undersized shredders are prone to jamming from overloading and the reduced throughput will cause you to spend two or three times as much time feeding sheets.

Our products are suited to companies of all sizes. We offer large heavy duty shredders for centralized shredding in a larger organization, we also carry deskside machines for around offices. Beyond that, we provide special solutions for hard drive destruction and optical media disposal.

With larger machines in the industrial category, we're talking about serious horsepower and the safety factor for operators is much more important. All of our shredders adhere to our SPS safety package. Larger models have steel guards governing access to the cutting shafts. A hardware key is also required to power up the system, this helps reduce unauthorized use of the machine.

When your document destruction requirements demand high sheet capacity, volume, and speed, look no further than Flint Shredders Commercial Models. These heavy-duty machines were designed to shred large amounts of material daily and their generous bin sizes mean they can operate for long periods of time without being emptied. These high performance models accept staples, paper clips, and most will shred CDs.

Top Selling Office Shredders


FS4005 CC

Security Level 4

30 ft/min @ 1.60 kW
30-32 Sheets at once
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FS3804 CC

Security Level 4

20 ft/min @ 0.64 kW
24-26 Sheets at once
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FS2404 CC

Security Level 4

27 ft/min @ 0.39 kW
13-15 Sheets at once
Buy High Security FS2360SMC Now
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