In the modern era data security extends into digital arenas. There's a lot of focus on protecting live data, but suprisingly old data is often a larger security risk. Discarded or resold hard drives are routinely targeted by identity thieves in search of private or personal information. Computers are everywhere and all companies have old hard drives that accumulate as they upgrade their systems. The HDP and degaussing systems gaurantee a complete elimination of all data for safe disposal.

Hard Drive Degaussing

Shredding Bag

Degaussing is a process that neutralizes the magnetic field used within a hard drive to store data. Normally a hard drive writes and stores information by charging bit regions to represent a binary 1 or 0. This binary data can be washed away in a degausser by a strong magnetic wave. Once the hard drive is within the shielded containment area, the degaussing coil will energize and cleanse the data.

The degaussing process takes only 1 minute. For an interesting comparison; the U.S. Air Force specifies decommissioned hard drives be overwritted at least 4 times before they can be discarded. Each overwrite pass can take an hour or more depending on the disk. Add up the hours for each pass and it doesn't take a genius to see how much time can be saved by degaussing.

Guy Feeding a Hard Drive

When the degaussing coil is energized, it produces focused magnetic pulses lasting 1/20 of a second. The focused intensity of the field allows it to erase today's highest coercivity media while also limiting field exposure, yet still operate around people without risking their safety.

For information about operator safety when near a degaussing field please check out this section of safety page.

HDP Hard Drive Punch Module

After degaussing there is little chance of recovery. In order to absolutely gaurantee data security hard drives will also be punched. Punching a hard drive is exactly what it sounds like. A punch die made of hardened, nickel-plated steel is driven by a sturdy twin drive system to pierce the platters of the hard drive and render it useless. There is an automatic reverse of the punch die to eliminate jams.

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high quality punching die