Industrial Shredder

Paper shredding on a larger scale requires equipment with some backbone. Our industrial scale shredders can churn through large amounts of product at impressive speeds. Toss in bound books, three-ring binders and all kinds of pocket folders or other office supplies. Industrial scale shredders will also have a much larger internal volume for less downtime. Some systems even have external conveyor evacuation which allows for fully continuous operation.

Industrial Paper Shredders

Shredding Bag

Our high capacity industrial shredders range from 2.2 kilowatt to an astounding 9 kilowatts of motor output. This can mean up to 24 horsepower driving the shredding heads. Expect these shredders to plow through all kinds of materials without skipping a beat. All with the safety levels expected in the modern work environment. The systems are also simple to operate with minimal training required. Just feed in the materials and empty the shred bins.

FC5009 High Capacity Shredder


This shredder is the highest power machine at Flint Shredders. With 9 kilowatts of output we can reach a maximum of 24 horsepower. The FC5009 can handle CDs, paper clips, credit cards and three-ring binders. It has a 20 inch opening which makes feeding the system a piece of cake. It includes a convenient centralized oiler for lubrication of the cutting shafts. The safety guard is electronically controlled and the entire system is powered up with a safety lock and key.

With the optional module exit conveyor belt the shred capacity is greatly increased by transporting shredder material to an external container. The unit is mounted on casters for easy mobility - simply roll into place, close the door and lock. The belt drive is controlled by the shredder electronics.

FS4107 High Capacity Shredder


Meet the FS4107 High Capacity Shredder. This high power machine has a centralized oiler for lubrication of the cutting shafts. It's available in security levels 2 and 3 as a strip cut or crosscut version. You can also specify the three designations within the level 2 security standard. 12 mm, 9 mm and 6 mm are all available but will affect the throughput capacity. All variations of the FS4107 come with a 79 gallon capacity for long periods of continuous operation.

The FS4107 is capable of shredding compact disks, credit cards and paper clips. Operation is managed with a push button panel and the system is secured with a lock and key. All level 2 security variants operate at 60 feet/minute and the level 3 security level system runs at 53 feet/minute.

FS4605 High Capacity Shredder


The 4605 is a cross cutting high capacity shredder. With an 18 inch opening and a 40 feet/minute run speed the machine can keep up with a boat load of product. This system is capable of shredding credit cards, paper clips and compact disks. The system has a photo cell activated automatic start feature. It will also automatically stop and reverse if an overload is detected. This helps protect the machine and keep the machine operating.

Mounted on heavy caster, the FS4605 can be easily maneuvered based on shredding needs. There is an automatic power shut off function that will immediately stop the machine in the event of the door being opened or if the shred bin becomes full. Operation of the machine is done by the use of a soft touch keypad. The shred capacity of the FS4605 is 61 gallons.

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