SMC Secure Paper Shredders

The Super Micro Cut series is purpose built to satisfy those with extra high security concerns. In some organizations, privacy and diligent control of sensitive information is truly paramount. While others may approach shredding with a lax attitude there are some institutions that must place serious scrutiny on the destruction of their sensitive materials. US Government guidelines limit the use of shredders to a rather short list of evaluated machines. This list is available online and all of our level 7 SMC (Super Micro Cut) shredders are approved for use. Agencies outside of the US Government with security concerns can turn to the national DIN standards for security level guidelines.

Security levels as dictated by DIN span across seven distinct levels. Higher levels require a more complete destruction of materials and the final size measurement of exiting particles is cornerstone of a machines security rating.

Note that SMC (Super Micro Cut) shredders are unable to destroy optical media such as compact disks or DVDs. The extra density of cutting surfaces along the slitting shaft are extremely tough but when paired with the hard polycarbonate and metals in CDs and paper clips are too much for SMC shredding. Please explore our paper shredder price list to find a hybrid or secondary machine to tackle extra materials.

High Security Paper Shredders


FS4005 SMC

Security Level 7

44 ft/min @ 1.60 kW
12-16 Sheets at once
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FS2604 SMC

Security Level 7

28 ft/min @ 0.64 kW
6-8 Sheets at once
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FS2360 SMC

Security Level 7

14 ft/min @ 0.39 kW
5-7 Sheets at once
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USA National Security Administration 02-01 Document Security Standards

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US Government agencies or those operating as approved vendors or suppliers to the US Government must adhere to US NSA Security Standards. If you are involved in top secret or classified information, you need to follow the guidelines set forth by the National Security Agency. The publicly available report that lists evaluated shredders is entitled The NSA/CSS High Security Crosscut Paper Shredder 02-01.

The NSA publishes a list of evaluated products and their findings. Rather than approving specific machines based on security level the NSA evaluated shredder performance and lists those that meet their criteria on their NSA evaluated products list within specifc documents. At the bottom of this page is a list of NSA evaluated models offered by Flint Shredders.

NSA evaluation guidelines for paper shredders are very strict. The NSA/CSS High Security Crosscut Paper Shredder 02-01 in 2014 listed most all of our SMC (Super Micro Cut Shredders). You can review the list below or search for the 02-01 report on to read the most current list of evaluated products. Although they are not directly related the DIN 66399 standard for level 7 is equivelant to the threshold for NSA report of evaluated shredders.

Source: 2014

Level 7 Security - 5 mm2

Level 7

This is the highest level of security for printed documents. Material shredded to a security level 7 specification must meet the following guidelines. All particles must have a per side surface area of less than 5 mm2 and each strip must be less than 1 mm wide. (Example: 0.8 mm x 5 mm particle)

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