In larger offices or corporations it's common to centralize shredding operations. This can help reduce the cost by requiring less shredders while retaining the ability for office workers to easily dispose of sensitive material. A win win solution for those looking to increase security and lower costs.

Shredding Bins & Collection

shredding bin

Shredding bins serve a specific purpose. The bins are placed within offices or near workers for quick access. The bins are locked and sealed for secure storage of confidential materials. When full or on a schedule your staff can collect the bins and bring them to a centralized shredder for destruction.

Bin collection is a great way to achieve localized shredding without a large purchase of multiple shredders. Keeping your secure information within your building is critical to ensuring condifentiality. Many shredding services offer a bin program with scheduled pick-ups. We at Flint Shredders cringe when we hear about companies using that solution. The thought of allowing your sensitive materials to be trucked around town is just nonsense. Remember that you are always responsible for your customer's information regardless of where theft of fraud occurs.

Collection Bins

Shredding Oil

Shredding Bag

Keeping your shredder lubricated and clean will help keep it running properly thoughout it's life. Shredding is a shearing action that generates a lot of friction. Our shredding heads are engineered and manufactured to incredibly tight tolerences. This precise cutting shaft runs smoothly but over time it's possible to develope drag in the system. Paper dust and overloading are common causes of wear, lubrication is the solution.

Our higher end shredders and Super Micro Cut level 7 security shredders have integrated automatic oiling systems. These automatic oilers simply pump a small amount of lubricant onto the cutting shafts. Smaller shredders must be lubricated periodically by the operator.

how to oil

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